Actors, celebrities express solidarity with Palestinians on social media

LAHORE, Oct 22 (Alliance News):Pakistani and international actors and celebrities on Sunday expressed their support for Palestinian people and children on social media.
Showbiz stars of Pakistan, including Armeena Khan, Dananeer Mobeen, Saba Qamar and Yumna Zaidi took to social media and expressed solidarity with Palestine.  Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Pakistani star Saba Qamar wrote, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free! InshaAllah”.

In her social media post, actor Armeena Khan said Palestinians are the bravest people on planet earth. “Zero support and the entire world against them. My God, I am terrified for the little children about to lose their lives”, she wrote on X. The most popular singer of Pakistan music industry, Atif Aslam, won the hearts of his fans by donating Rs15 million to the victims of Gaza.
However, prominent Pakistani actress Mahira Khan faced the consequences of her unwavering support for Palestine, as her Instagram account was “shadow-banned.” The move has ignited a debate about the suppression of voices advocating for the Palestinian children and families’ cause, on social media platforms.
The world-famous Turkish series Kurulus Osman postponed the broadcast of its new episode in response to the devastating Israeli attack on a hospital in Gaza. The 133rd episode of Season 5, which was scheduled for broadcast last night, was deferred, with the 132nd episode being re-aired instead.

A global figure, Jemima Goldsmith, has added her voice to the growing chorus of concern over the Israeli aggression and bombing campaigns on civilians in Gaza.
In a heartfelt media statement, Goldsmith decried the loss of innocent lives and called for a reconsideration of the ongoing military operations. Taking to the social media platform X, Jemima Goldsmith conveyed her strong sentiments, asserting that the killing or maiming of thousands of innocent children will not serve the purpose of saving hostages or fostering peace.
Likewise, Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar shared a touching photo of her newborn daughter, Rabia, cradled in her arms, gazing thoughtfully at her child.
Swara couldn’t help but reflect on the plight of children in Gaza and spoke out against the Israeli atrocities they are enduring in war.

The actress conveyed her profound sense of tranquility and joy that comes with gazing at a newborn child, a feeling shared by mothers worldwide. She also acknowledged that recent events of killing children around the world, including the ongoing conflict in Gaza, are impossible to ignore.
Swara Bhaskar openly expressed her fear about the circumstances that mothers in Gaza conflict zone were facing.
Former noted Indian actress Sana Khan has also added her voice to the growing international outcry against Israeli aggression in Palestine. In her Instagram stories, she shared a video featuring an innocent Palestinian child and wrote, “Ruthless and shameless people attacked the hospital and innocent children, and they call it defence. Don’t worry; you all have gone to hell forever. I have made a special place for myself.”
In another story on the same media, she reiterated her support for Palestine, stating, ‘Always with Palestine. I was with Palestine yesterday, I am still with Palestine today, and I will be tomorrow’ .
Several other Indian, Pakistani, and Turkish actors have already expressed their support for Palestine, with figures like Sonam Kapoor, Gauhar Khan, and Swara Bhaskar sharing posts on social media condemning the violence in Gaza.


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