Bugti says ‘no mercy for smugglers’ vows to eliminate terrorism

ISLAMABAD, Sep 11 (Alliance News): Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti said on Sunday that the government has adopted zero tolerance policy to curb smuggling of US dollars, sugar, fertiliser and petroleum products.

“The federal government has started action by registering cases against the elements involved in illegal activities,” said Bugti while addressing a press conference here.

The interior minister said law will take its course if anyone found guilty in crimes like, Hundi, Hawala, Smuggling of sugar, wheat, fertilizers and other illegal activities.

It is prime responsibility of the people to keep a vigilant eye in their surroundings, said Bugti urging the masses to report such activities for timely action.

He stated that the government has taken a tough stance on terrorism, adding all resources were being utilized to purge the menace of the country.

Regarding the Chitral attack, Bugti commended the Pakistan Army’s swift response and the people’s resilience against terrorism.

He stressed that the government would not allow anyone to impose their agenda through force and will defend every inch of the territory.

Interior Minister expressed hope that the Afghan government would uphold its Doha agreement, ensuring that Afghan soil was not used against anyone.

Furthermore, Bugti mentioned ongoing efforts to address illegal immigration, with plans to repatriate illegal immigrants in the near future.


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