Call for infrastructure up-gradation to boost tourism

ISLAMABAD, Oct 12 (Alliance News): Infrastructure including roadways, airports and public transit systems should be upgraded to facilitate easier access to different tourist sites which promote tourism in the country at large.


Talking to Alliance News, a tourist Waseem Arshad Khan said that enhancing the country’s infrastructure by upgrading transportation networks will facilitate national and international visitors.


She said that she visited different places in Azad Jammu and Kashmir along with her family and found roads in dilapidated condition and faced miseries and hardships by commuting from one site to another.


Khan said Pakistan has rich tourism potential which attracts most domestic and foreign dignitaries to come to visit the country.


She stressed the need to improve road infrastructure as a large number of international tourists are thronging to the country to enjoy their trip or make the journey memorable.


Another tourist Ahsan Ali said that developing a strong infrastructure would pave the way to encourage tourists to visit various recreational and religious sites, adding that tourism is contributing a lot to economic growth as well.


He said that infrastructure including air, ground, port and tourism services like hotel rooms and car rental services plays an important role in travel and tourism competitiveness, serving as the arteries of the industry.


It may be mentioned here that the tourism ministry has started work on the launch of a “Tourism App” to provide one-click information about tourist destinations, this app includes all the information regarding restaurants, hotels, transport, travel facilities, culture, entertainment and historical places.


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