Chinese, Pakistani universities discuss cooperation in TCM

BEIJING, Sep 1 (Alliance News): Vice chancellor of Academic Affairs of the Islamic University of Bahawalpur (IUB), Moazzam Jamil, visited Anhui University of Chinese Medicine (AHUCM) with four of his colleagues, accompanied by Ang Wenping, vice dean of the School of Humanities and Educational Exchange in AHUCM.

“I hope that in the future, the two universities can have more cooperation and exchanges in TCM. Both sides should give full play to their advantages and resources, and jointly promote Pak-China cooperation in TCM education,” said Moazzam Jamil.

Apart from visiting 7 TCM related academic institutes, Moazzam Jamil and his party also took a tour to the second affiliated hospital of AHUCM. In the outpatient clinic, they observed some TCM therapies such as fire needles and small needle-knife, and tasted medicine tea.

`They also learned acupuncture history in the cultural corridor and experienced massage, acupuncture and other therapies in the rehabilitation treatment center, CEN reported.
“The TCM therapies are special and fascinating. The visit deepened my understanding of TCM,” stated Moazzam Jamil.
Bozhou, the birthplace of the renowned Chinese physician Hua Tuo and traditional Chinese medicine culture, is another important destination for Moazzam Jamil’s TCM journey. There are around 1,000 TCM enterprises, 100,000 TCM dealers, and 1 million Chinese medicinal herbs growers in the city.

After visiting Bozhou Vocational and Technical College, the crew went to the Chinese Medicinal Herbs Market in Bozhou, which is the largest TCM professional market in the world with functions of herbal medicine distributing and pricing. “In the herbaria, we learned the names and principles of many precious Chinese herbs and the stories behind them. We are deeply impressed by the long and tortuous history of TCM development.” Moazzam Jamil noted.

Earlier this year, IUB, AHUCM and TANG International Education Group signed a tripartite cooperation memorandum in an online meeting. The two universities will cooperate in providing courses of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) acupuncture and massage therapies to undergraduate students, while TANG International Education Group will provide Chinese language training for Pakistani students.

In the meeting, the two universities gave invitations to each other for academic exchange. Moazzam’s visit to Anhui, China was in response to AHUCM’s invitation.


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