Comprehensive plan ready to tackle ‘Murree tourist influx’: DC

ISLAMABAD, Jan 2 (Alliance News): Deputy Commissioner (DC) Murree Agha Zaheer Abbas Tuesday said that in view of the snowfall prediction, the Punjab caretaker government with the coordination of the Pakistan Meteorological Department has issued a travel advisory for tourists and prepared a comprehensive plan to tackle visitors by establishing 13 facilitation centres.
Talking to a private news channel, he assured that all final arrangements and essential items such as petrol and meals have been arranged for tourists at these centers, underscoring the commitment to ensuring the well-being of visitors during their snowfall experience.
The vehicles entering the city were being monitored through digital counting and will limit excessive vehicle moving towards the express highway to Murree, he added.
  He further said that the website is also updated for tourists and they would be able to get the latest information about the weather, traffic conditions at various intersections, hotels and other necessary updates before coming to Murree.
  Replying a query about Parking space, he said that the Punjab government with the coordination of Private hotel associations have arranged free of cost parking spaces for visitors, adding, more other parking spaces were also being identified in Murree and adjoining areas.
 To another question about Car maintenance awareness drive, he urged tourists to contact the traffic police for immediate assistance in case of any traffic-related challenges or emergencies, adding, the visitors are advised to come in warm clothes, maintain capacity vehicles with full fuel tanks and avoid unnecessary travel.
 Travellers should also keep all important food items with them while travelling to Murree, he added.
He requested the tourists to follow the advisory to avoid any kind of inconvenience or incident to have safe tourism as rush of tourist increasing due to winter vacations and snow predictions in coming days.
He further said that travellers turn on your emergency lights and other lights of the cars, as well and try to put strong metal Tyre.
The special traffic wardens had also been deployed at the main sites of Murree to ensure smooth traffic flow, he added.


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