Dr Kausar Abdullah highlights global food waste challenges

ISLAMABAD, Sep 29 (Alliance News):Caretaker Minister for National Food Security and Research Dr Kausar Abdullah Malik Friday emphasized that food wastage was a significant global challenge that impacts economies, the environment, and people’s access to food.
In a message on World Food Waste Awareness Day 2023, the minister said, “The government is actively working on various projects to raise awareness and minimize food losses.”

“Pakistan leads in food production and supply compared to other countries unfortunately ranks very low in the global list of food security,” he added.
Dr Kausar said, “Pakistan is lagging behind in food security due to limited storage capacity and inadequate security measures.”
He said, “Around 10-50 percent of total food production going to waste which not only contributes to food security issues but also results in the loss of six months of farmers’ hard work, time, and investment.”

“Additionally, inadequate storage facilities lead to around 20 percent of wheat being wasted, while fresh fruits and vegetables experience losses ranging from 30-50 percent.”
“However, due to modern storage methods, the losses of rice and maize in the country are now significantly lower compared to international standards.”
“Various projects are underway to ensure the delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables through proper cold storage and packaging,” the minister added.
“By joining forces, the government and the people can work together to prevent food waste.”
“It is important to teach our children about the significance of food both at home and in schools,” he added.


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