DRF praised the role of women journalists, termed Resilient Voices in the Media

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By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, Sep 16 (Alliance News): Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) held a conference titled ‘Celebrating Resilient Voices in the Media’ at a local hotel here late Friday.

The conference was marked as a celebratory event of DRF’s work and achievements with women journalists in the country, particularly through its Network of Women Journalists for Digital Rights (NWJDR).

The conference brought together journalists, civil society, government representatives, and other stakeholders to discuss the state of media and the challenges that women journalists face in the country and celebrate their achievements despite the difficult circumstances they face working in the field.

The conference had an exciting line-up of three panels to delve into DRF’s engagement with the journalist community in Pakistan and showcased an art exhibition of hand-drawn illustrations from DRF’s magazine, Digital 50.50.

Programme Manager Research at the DRF Zainab Durrani said that today’s topic of the event is directly related to our day-to-day works and projects which we are doing for and along with the journalists.

Zainab Durrani while giving the details of the conference said that there were three panels of discussion to highlight the work and performances of the DRF to date.

She said they had so far published 135 articles with illustration/artwork in their magazine ‘Digital 50.50’ which defines the idea behind their stories.

The contributor Umaima Khalida was part of the first panel of discussion while other amazing journalists Fouzia Yazdani and Unsia Benazir Shah moderated the second panel of discussion.

Zainab Durrani while moderating the last panel highlighted the challenges faced by journalists in online spaces and told about its remedies added that there is also an online helpline ‘Kawish’ to resolve their issues and complaints.DRF celebrates 'Seven Years of Resilient Voices in the Media'

At last, the Executive Director (ED) Nighat Dad also joined the event online and thanked the participants for attending the conference.


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