Embassy of Brazil celebrated its 201st National Day in Islamabad

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By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, Sept 08 (Alliance News): The Embassy of Brazil in Islamabad on Thursday celebrated the 201st National Day of Brazil here.

Addressing the ceremony, Brazilian Ambassador to Pakistan, Olyntho Vieira expressed his willingness to work together in discovering new avenues for bilateral trade and cooperation to bring both nations closer in a larger aspect.

Brazilian envoy stressed the need for expanding businesses from both countries to look more thoroughly into the prospect of investments, joint ventures, or partnerships in sectors like textiles and meat processing.
The envoy said that Brazil and Pakistan were both developing countries and also had a common position on many issues of the international agenda and shared challenges such as poverty and the effects of climate change, which the two countries could fight jointly.
He highlighted that his country recognized Pakistan in 1948, which was the first nation in South America, and established an Embassy in the country’s former capital Karachi.
The ambassador said there was much potential existed which should be harnessed between the two countries, especially in the agriculture sector.
Brazilian envoy said it had been on an upward trajectory since 2018 and after reaching US$ 1 billion in 2020.
He continued, “Bilateral trade reached, according to our [Brazilian] numbers, US$ 1.3 billion at the end of 2021, up further 24.9% from the previous year.”

Talking to the participants, Ambassador of  Brazil  Olyntho Vieira said the 201st  National Day is another milestone for his country marked with significant political and economic achievements. Now, Brazil is the one of world’s third largest democracy and a country where multi-cultural and modernity coexist and deliver to bring economic progress, he expressed.

Both sides are fully aware of the potential and benefits of cooperation and moving ahead by initiating various mechanisms, bilateral consultation forums, policy dialogue, trade promotion, and strengthening of people-to-people contacts to reap more fruits from productive engagement, the Ambassador concluded.

Regarding bilateral relations, the Ambassador said since the establishment of diplomatic ties with Pakistan,  Brazil-Pakistan bilateral relations have continued to become stronger and more comprehensive.

Gohar boosts bilateral ties with Brazil at National Day Celebrations

ISLAMABAD: September 07 – Federal Minister for Commerce, Industries and Production, Dr. Gohar Ejaz addressing the audience at the National Day celebration of Brazil. Alliance News.

Earlier, addressing the ceremony as a chief guest, Caretaker Federal Minister for Commerce and Industries and Production Dr. Gohar Ejaz greeted the 201st Brazilian National Day celebrations and expressing solidarity and conveying warm wishes to Brazil.

Dr. Ejaz highlighted Brazil’s remarkable economic progress, calling it a global role model and a source of inspiration for Pakistan.

He mentioned that bilateral ties have strengthened as evidenced by Brazil’s active participation in TEXPO-2023 and Food-Agri 2023 exhibitions held in Karachi in May and August 2023.

These visits, organized by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, included exploration of local industries, leading to the signing of several Memorandum  of Understanding (MOUs).

Emphasizing the potential for boosting trade in auto parts and IT sectors, the minister underscored Pakistan’s appeal as an investment destination with a sizable consumer market, open to investment across various sectors with attractive incentives.

Dr. Ejaz extended an invitation to Brazil’s public and private sectors to invest in areas of mutual interest, particularly agriculture, highlighting the prospect of sustainable agriculture practices and renewable energy solutions.


Despite the geographical distance, he urged both nations to improve transportation and logistics infrastructure, such as maritime routes, air connectivity, and Customs procedures, to facilitate cross-border commerce.

Additionally, the minister advocated for increased business-to-business interactions and cooperation in agriculture, energy, and technology sectors.

He also highlighted the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), which aims to allocate 10 million acres of barren land to the corporate sector for an agricultural revolution.

Dr. Ejaz emphasized the potential of collaborative research and development efforts, aiming to benefit both nations and contribute to the global economy.

He reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to strengthening bilateral relations and fostering prosperity.



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