Exports increase by 25.54 percent to over Rs.2 trillion in Q1

ISLAMABAD, Oct 19 (Alliance News):The exports from the country in the rupee term witnessed an increase of 25.54 percent during the first quarter (Q1) of the current fiscal year as compared to the corresponding period of last year, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported.

Exports during July-September (2023-24) were recorded at Rs.2,013,533 million as against Rs.1,603,869 million during the corresponding period of last year, showing an increase of 25.54 percent, according to provisional data released by PBS.



On a year-on-year basis, the exports during September 2023 increased by 31.27 percent and were recorded at Rs. 737,295 million compared to the exports of Rs.561,643 million in September 2022.

On a month-on-month basis, the exports increased by 6.06 percent when compared to the exports of Rs. 695,136 million in August 2023.

The main commodities of exports during August 2023 were commodities of exports during September, 2023 were knitwear (Rs. 103,029 million), readymade garments (Rs. 74,608 million), bed wear (Rs. 69,234 million), cotton cloth (Rs. 51,891 million), oil seeds, nuts and kernals (Rs.46,571 million), cotton yarn (Rs.33,815 million), rice others (Rs.32,324 million), towels (Rs.25,116 million), rice basmati (Rs.19,008 million) and madeup articles exclueing towels and bedwear (Rs.16,922 million).

On the other hand, imports during July– September (2023 FY2023-24) totaled Rs. 3,560,763 million as against Rs. 3,650,269 million during the corresponding period of last year, showing a decrease of 2.45%.

On a year-on-year basis, imports into Pakistan during September 2023 amounted to Rs.1,189,167 million as against Rs.1,219,956 million in September 2022, showing a decline of 2.52 percent.

On a month-on-month basis, imports into the country witnessed an increase of 10.62 percent in September 2023 when compared to the imports of Rs.1,330,458 million in August 2023.

Main commodities of imports during September, 2023 were petroleum products (Rs. 162,087 million), petroleum crude (Rs.146,179 million), natural gas, liquified (Rs.75,331 million), palm oil (Rs. 61,388 million), plastic materials (Rs. 49,628 million), electric machinery & apparatus (Rs.44,699 million), iron & steel (Rs.44,191 million), mobile phones (Rs.37,093 million), iron & steel scrap (Rs.27,299 million) and pulses/leguminous vegetables (Rs.22,208 million).


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