FGRF’s UK head receives prestigious ‘Outstanding Citizen Award 2023’

ISLAMABAD, Dec 3 (Alliance News): Head of Faizan Global Relief Founation (FGRF) UK and Wales chapters, Syed Fuzail Shah has received the prestigious Outstanding Citizen Award 2023 out of 6 million people that has been conferred upon him by the West Midlands Police Crime Commissioner.

Syed Fuzail Shah is a distinguished volunteer of Dawat-E-Islami for the past over 17 years and is the head of FGRF UK and Head of Wales who has been to more than 55 countries to serve the religion of Islam.

In an exclusive chat with APP on Sunday, the FGRF head said he has received many more appreciation letters from the UK government.

He has also launched various campaigns from the UK to address the lack of access to clean water in developing countries. Through his motivation and leadership, till date over 3,900 water projects have been set up which is benefiting 500,000 people across the world.

In humanitarian aid and disaster, the FGRF led by Syed Fuzail Shah, is always at the forefront to help those in dire need. As soon as the Turkiye and Syria earthquakes caused destruction, Shah and his team from the UK were on the next flight out to help the millions of victims who were badly affected by the earthquakes. Over the course of their first deployment, Syed Fuzail Shah gathered over tens of thousands of pounds of donations from the Midlands alone from donations given by the public and utilised it to purchase essential food items, clothing, sleeping facilities and housing costs for the victims of the earthquakes.

“Over 90,000 people were helped out and given aid during the first weeks of the earthquakes and now the FGRF branch is building container homes in collaboration with the Turkish Disaster Management Department to house the earthquake affected,” he added.
In response to the Pakistan Floods 2022, Syed Fuzail Shah flew to Pakistan to help the on-ground volunteers of FGRF to assist those affected from the devastating floods.

He helped in de-watering over 2 billion gallons of water in the disaster-stricken areas of Pakistan, helped in the funds collection and management of approximately 6,000+ new houses for the badly affected victims and aided over 201,000 people with cash donations, whereas the Foundation aims to build 10,000+ homes.

In Morocco Earthquake, he arrived after 48 hours to start the relief work on the ground and helped thousands of people affected by the Earthquake. In anticipation of the first national lockdown during Covid-19 pandemic, Shah proactively assembled a COVID response team to address the imminent challenges faced by communities. Through his efforts various food banks were set up and over 5000 food parcels were distributed in the West Midlands. He led many funeral prayers during the pandemic.

Tackling social issues several years ago, Shah took the initiative to assemble a team of dedicated volunteers focused on leading campaigns to address key social issues and reduce crime in communities. Under his leadership, Dawat-e-Islami launched impactful campaigns in the Midlands, addressing a wide range of issues such as knife crime, drugs, speeding, gang culture, county lines, fly-tipping, theft, and nitrous oxide abuse, among others. These campaigns have been appreciated by the UK authorities.


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