Govt taking numerous steps to promote religious tourism: Spokesperson

ISLAMABAD, Sep 3 (Alliance News): The government has already taken numerous measures to promote religious tourism in the country as this sector can play an important role in reviving the national economy.

According to the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) spokesperson, a total of 480 tourist destinations exist in the country, out of which 120 are religious sites.

He said that Pakistan is blessed with multiple religions such as Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and due to its magnificent blend of cultural, religious and natural tourism opportunities.

He added that almost 0.9 million international tourists visit the recreational and historical sites across the country annually.

The government was improving the law and order situation to attract the immense number of tourists coming from various countries as religious-based tourism is flourishing and attracting different communities, he said.

It is important to realize that religious beliefs and practices are sacrosanct to their followers. Acknowledging, respecting and accommodating these beliefs generates massive goodwill.

Pakistan is situated in a region that has been home to diverging civilizations, the world’s two major religions Buddhism and Sikhism have been dominant in this land for many centuries.


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