Graduation ceremony honors police department promotion course graduates

ISLAMABAD, Oct 10 (Alliance News): A graduation ceremony was conducted to honor the achievements of officers who successfully completed the first Upper Course, 11th Intermediate Course, and 20th Lower Course at Police Lines Headquarters Islamabad.

The distinguished gathering included Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, alongside high-ranking officials such as the SSP/Dy. Commandant of Capital Police College, AIG Operations, SP Headquarters, DSP Capital Police College, and various staff members.

During this significant event, ICCPO Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan presented awards and certificates to the officers and cadets who exhibited exceptional performance throughout their training courses.

Addressing the ceremony, ICCPO Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan lauded the dedication and hard work of the officers and cadets who successfully completed their training courses. He urged them to carry out their duties with diligence, unwavering commitment, and a sense of duty to the community.

ICCPO expressed his joy in being part of the Islamabad Capital Police graduation ceremony and extended his congratulations to Capital Police College for delivering top-quality training to officers and cadets in record time.

He emphasized the importance of public service and encouraged all attendees to uphold the highest values of law enforcement.

ICCPO Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan remarked, “You are privileged to have the opportunity to serve the community. Remember, true honor comes from serving the people. Upholding the law, ensuring justice, and safeguarding the lives and properties of citizens are our primary responsibilities. Treat the public with respect, and you will receive respect in return.”

Furthermore, ICCPO Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan expressed his confidence that the skills acquired during training would be effectively applied, making officers and cadets invaluable assets to both the police force and the community.

He also stressed the need to modernize and strengthen training programs at Capital Police College for continued excellence in law enforcement.


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