Indonesian ambassador advocates women’s education for Muslim nations

ISLAMABAD, Nov 22 (Alliance News): Indonesian Ambassador Adam Tugio, emphasized the crucial role of women’s education, especially for Muslims, during a pre-departure meeting with Pakistani delegates heading to Indonesia, the other day.

He urged the incorporation of advanced education alongside religious teachings, highlighting Indonesia’s commitment to empowering women in various Muslim nations through progressive social and economic programmes, focusing on modern education.



Ambassador Tugio voiced concerns about girls’ education in Afghanistan, highlighting the Indonesian government’s commitment by allocating scholarships specifically for Afghan girls in their educational institutions to elevate their standards to an international level.

He advocated for educational reforms in both public schools and madrassas across Muslim nations, aiming to enable them to compete with advanced countries at the forefront of science and technology.

Recognizing the inherent significance of religious scholars and leaders within the global Muslim society, Ambassador Tugio emphasized their crucial inclusion in national policy-making.

He advocated for the government’s active engagement with them to formulate policies that serve the nation’s best interests, citing family planning as a pertinent example.

Moreover, he underscored the importance of involving leaders from other faiths to foster an atmosphere of interfaith harmony.

Meanwhile, President Muhammad Israr Madani of the International Religious Council for Religious Affairs (IRCRA), leading the delegation to Indonesia, highlighted that this visit would facilitate the exchange of exemplary democratic practices, alongside addressing key concerns such as education and social cohesion within the framework of the ‘Religious Diplomacy Programme.’

He expressed that this collaborative initiative in Indonesia would bolster the ties between Pakistani and Indonesian institutions and experts.

Israr expressed optimism that any concerns related to democracy and the democratic system would be effectively addressed, empowering participants to actively promote democratic ideologies and values within their respective communities.

The delegation includes Muhammad Israr, president, IRCRA, Khurshid Ahmad Nadeem, Chairman, Rahmatulil Aalamin Authority, Islamabad, Maulana Muhammad Tayyib Tahiri, Head, Jamat e Ishaat wa Tauheed, Barrister Zafarullah Khan, a politician, and writer/author, Mufti Nouman Naeem, Head, Jamia Binnoria, Karachi, Maulana Rashid ul Haq Sami, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Darul Uloom Haqqania, Akora Khattak, Senator Barrister Muhammad Ali Khan Saif, Beenish Irfan Khan, social activist, Malik Habib Orakzai, Chairman, Pakistan International Human Rights Organization, Mujtaba Muhammad Rathore, a freelance journalist, Muhammad Ismail Khan, a political analyst and policy expert, Farkhanda Mansoor Zia, a season academician, Ejaz-ur-Rehman, a socialist, and Syed Rashad A. S. Bukhari, Director, Communication and Development, IRCRA.


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