Interior Minister welcomes Imam Kaaba at his residence

ISLAMABAD, Nov 24 (Alliance News): Imam Kaaba Dr Saleh bin Abdullah bin Hameed Friday visited Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti on his special invitation at his residence.
Interior Minister organized breakfast in honour of Imam Kaaba.
Interior Minister’s warmly welcome to Imam Kaaba and said, “The Imam Kaaba’s visit to his home is a blessing for him and his entire family.”
He said, “The people of Pakistan love the land of Hijaz immensely and the servants have immense devotion to the Haram Sharif.”
The minister said, “Pak-Saudi relations encompass shared faith, history and people-to-people ties and Pakistan highly values ??brotherly relations with Saudi Arabia.”
Muslims fully believe in Tawheed, minor differences should not be allowed to lead to hypocrisy, said Imam Kaaba.
 “There is a need to promote unity among the Ummah,” he said.
“The main reason for the problems facing the Muslim Ummah is sectarianism and unnecessary differences,” Imam Kaaba said.
He urged for respect each other’s opinions and promote mutual harmony and win each other’s hearts and not impose your opinion.


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