Iranian Embassy strongly condemns Israeli actions against Palestinians

ISLAMABAD, Sept 08 (Alliance News): The Iranian embassy on Thursday vehemently condemned the grave atrocities committed by Israel against the innocent and unarmed Palestinian population.

The embassy utilized its platform on X (formerly Twitter) to expose the Israeli apartheid regime’s ongoing descent into immorality, violence, and a blatant breach of human rights within the heart-wrenching tragedy of Palestine.


The embassy’s statement delivered a scathing indictment of Israel’s actions, particularly highlighting an incident involving Israeli Army personnel assaulting defenseless Muslim women, subjecting them to slaps and kicks while dragging them across rough terrain. This appalling display of violence was met with a firm rebuke by the Iranian embassy, which firmly stated that such behavior signifies nothing but the depths of decadence.

The Iranian embassy’s condemnation serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing human rights crisis in Palestine, urging the global community to take meaningful action to address the dire situation and put an end to the atrocities that have plagued the region for far too long.


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