ISNET-SUPARCO to arrange ‘Space based Disaster Monitoring Course’ from Sept 5

ISLAMABAD, Sep 03 (Alliance News):Inter-Islamic Network on Space Sciences and Technology (ISNET) Secretariat in collaboration with the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) has planned to organize a distance training course on “Space-based disaster monitoring and management” from September 05-07.
According to the ISNET, the course will provide a basic understanding of space-based disaster monitoring and management. The course will start with image interpretation techniques, remote sensing for disaster monitoring as well as rapid and detailed damage assessment.
The course will provide hands-on exercises emphasizing flood, earthquake, landslide and drought rapid mapping and damage assessment techniques and also give a brief about hazard modeling and a case study for flood hazard assessment.
About the course content, the ISNET revealed that the course included an introduction to GIS, Satellite Remote Sensing, Image Interpretation, Monitoring and Mapping of Disasters, Damage Assessment and a Flood Hazard Assessment case study.
The participants are required to have basic knowledge of GIS and Remote Sensing. This course will provide them basic understanding of the use of Remote Sensing and GIS for disaster monitoring and management along with the understanding of hazard assessment.
The intended participants can register through till the deadline of September 03 and can visit for further details.


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