Madad Ali Sindhi emphasizes domestic and int’l trainings for teachers to promote quality education

HYDERABAD, Oct 08 (Alliance News): Caretaker Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Madad Ali Sindhi has emphasized the importance of training for teachers at domestically and internationally to promote quality education in the country.

He highlighted the need for well-prepared educators to play an effective role in shaping a better future for children.

He made these remarks while addressing as special guest at the “Latif Night” program held at Public School Hyderabad here on Saturday night. The federal minister invited the students of the School for a one-week recreational visit to Islamabad. He also proposed training opportunities for the school’s teachers in Islamabad and pledged to provide 5,000 books of the National Book Foundation for the school.


Sindhi praised the outstanding performance of students during the Latif Night program, expressing his hope that such programs would continue in the future. He stressed the need for organizing programs that celebrate Sufi poets’ contributions in schools and colleges across the country, as he added, it has been observed that such programs were gradually being marginalized from our priorities.


Regarding the status of the School, he acknowledged that the School had been operational for 62 years and was remained the best institution for a long time but its condition was deteriorated since it was handed over to IBA. He commended the current principal for his efforts to improve the school’s condition.


Madad Ali Sindhi pointed out that the grant of 50 million rupees allocated to the school was insufficient, as it has three campuses and nine hostels, adding that he would discuss increasing the grant with the Sindh’s representative during a conference scheduled for October 16, involving education ministers from across the country, at Islamabad. He stated that he would write to the provincial government and the Sindh education minister to request development program schemes for the school.


The minister stressed the importance of teacher training and advocated sending teachers not only within Pakistan but also abroad for professional development. He expressed the federal government’s commitment to supporting teachers in this endeavor. He also invited selected teachers from the School to participate in Masters visitors training at the National Academy of Higher Education in Islamabad under a fully-funded program. He invited public school students to come to Islamabad on a recreational visit for a week and said that they will be provided accommodation there. Apart from meeting the President, the students will also interact with the students of the best schools there so that these children could evaluate the schools there and the children of Islamabad will be given an opportunity to visit to the schools here.


He also announced to initiate training program for children under Allama Iqbal Open University and to provide 5000 books of National Book Foundation for the School’s library.


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