Masood Khan urges Pakistani public/private sector professionals to sharpen skills at studies in US

WASHINGTON, Oct 30 (Alliance News): Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Masood Khan, had a meeting Sunday with a visiting group of 15 mid-career Pakistani professionals, from public and private sectors, during which he hoped that the fellowship programme that has brought them to the U.S. would “hone their skills for better service delivery.”

The Pakistani professionals are here under the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Programme to pursue studies in various disciplines in leading American universities.



The fellowship is named after the late Humphrey, who served as US vice-president from 1965 to 1969 after a long career in politics.

The Programme brings mid-career professionals from developing countries for a year of study and professional experiences. It is part of the well-known Fulbright exchange, and fellows are selected based on their potential for national leadership and commitment to public service.

“It is a great opportunity for Pakistani students and professionals to visit the United States and benefit from globally recognized seats of learning and hone their skills for better service delivery,” Ambassador Masood Khan told the group, which called on him.

“Pakistan and the United States have long-standing educational ties and both the countries are partnering to further strengthen these bonds with increased number of exchanges.”

On Pak-US relations, the Ambassador said that the two countries are making efforts to further strengthen their partnership in critical areas, including trade and investment, climate change, energy, agriculture, health and education.

The Ambassador urged the public sector professional to keenly observe, study and learn best practices, being followed by the US public sector institutions for improving their performance.

Discussing Pak-US cooperation in the health sector, the Ambassador stated that Pakistan looked forward to benefitting from US expertise in robust disease surveillance and vaccine production to deal with future pandemics.

He urged the visiting fellows to develop networks with their counterparts for mutual learning and sharing of expertise.

“You are the ambassadors of Pakistan. Help project a true image of the country and play your role to develop new linkages between the professionals of the two countries.”


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