Nobel Fest VI to be held in Islamabad in November

ISLAMABAD, Sep 03 (Alliance News):The Nobel Fest VI 2023, to be held in Islamabad in the month of November, will help the future generations explore mysteries of our world through diving into knowledge of scientific discoveries and technological innovations essential to combat modern day challenges.
According to the COMSTECH, the high level event will be held during November 29-30 at COMSTECH with the support of OIC-COMSTECH and Inclusive Development Foundation under the theme “Bridging Science and OIC Countries in the Digital Future”.
It will center around scientific discoveries and technological innovations, with a particular focus on key topics such as the future of medicine, digitalization in education, world-changing technologies, efforts to combat climate change, and strategies for economic development.
The objective of the Nobel Fest is to make education and science accessible for everyone in the world, especially the least developed and developing countries of OIC.
Nobel Fest is considered as one of the key tools in the popularization and development of education, science and technology and motivates thousands of students and young scientists to search for answers to the unexplored mysteries of our world.
Nobel Fest is a unique and one of the most impactful educational and technological gatherings with an annual audience of 5K offline, 800K online participants from more than 500 universities, and 100 countries. Since 2020, 15 Nobel Laureates, 15 breakthrough winners, eminent experts, innovators, leaders of international organizations and global businesses have participated in the yearly event of the Nobel Fest.
The Technology and Start-up Expo during the event will include a demonstration of scientific and technical developments of universities and competition for the best Tech projects.
The “Innovator of the Year” award, which is a prominent feature of the Nobel Fest will stimulate the development of science and innovations as well as motivate scientists and researchers to make new discoveries.
The Nobel Fest will have participation from several Nobel Laureates, reputable scientists, experts and heads of international companies and global tech giants will join as speakers to interact with young students from Pakistan and other OIC member states through physical and virtual studios.
Nobel Fest is becoming a platform for concluding scientific and educational agreements and contracts as well as a platform for cooperation between business, science and education.


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