Pakistan calls for int’l cooperation for preservation of polar, glacial regions: Madad Ali Sindhi

PARIS, Nov 10 (Alliance NewsPP): Caretaker Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Madad Ali Sindhi Friday said that Pakistan called for international cooperation and proactive approach for the preservation of polar and the worlds’ glacial regions.


While addressing the “One Planet – Polar Summit”, he also drew attention of all the participants towards the “Third Pole” which comprises of Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindukush (HKH) region and holds largest cyrospheric reserves on Earth outside polar region, said a press release received here yesterday.



He said Pakistan alone has over 7,000 glaciers in HKH ranges which covers an approximate area of 15,000 sq. km.

The minister highlighted that HKH region was particularly vulnerable to climate change while Third Pole was the world’s most substantial reservoir and was critical for freshwater supply to around 2 billion people.

The minister added that ecosystems, biodiversity, food security were all under threat; and our avalanche and glacial lake outbursts (GLOF) risk had increased manifolds. As an example of GLOF, the minister cited the incident of Shisper Glacier in 2022 which resulted in destructive flooding.

He said that urgent global action was needed now to mitigate climate change and protect glaciers.


Pakistan calls for int'l cooperation for preservation of polar, glacial regions: Madad Ali Sindhi


He ensured that Pakistan was committed to play its role in addressing critical issues affecting polar regions and climate change’s implications on these vital glaciers. We must work together for conservation through robust research, sustainable policies, and proactive steps toward safeguarding these fragile ecosystems, he expressed.

The minister emphasized that Pakistan was seeking to join hands with the international community reiterating its active role in shaping policy, fostering international cooperation, and enhancing global engagement for the preservation of polar and worlds’ glacial regions.

The One Planet – Polar Summit which started on November 8 is the first international summit devoted to glaciers and poles and aims to strengthen international cooperation to preserve the cryosphere and glacial and polar biodiversity.

The major representatives of the international scientific community along with political leaders and representatives of countries present in the Arctic, Antarctic and glacial worlds are attending the 3-day Summit in Pari


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