PM for resolving issues of newspapers on priority

ISLAMABAD, Oct 12 (Alliance News):Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar on Thursday directed the ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the finance ministry to resolve all issues of the newspapers on priority.


Talking to a delegation of Council of Pakistan Newspapers’ Editors (CPNE) led by its president Irshad Arif here, the prime minister said the newspapers should play their role in promoting such an environment in which everybody should listen to the differences of opinions.


He said currently an organized propaganda campaign was being launched against the state.


He said during his visit to the US, an organized campaign of false news and undue criticism was launched against him. He said he accompanied a very short delegation during his visit to the US where he effectively presented the Pakistan’s case of climate change.


The prime minister pointed out that he presented the cultural aspect of climate change to the world by referring to the holy Qur’an.


With respect to smuggling of foreign currency, he said strict measures were being taken to stop smuggling of dollars in the short term.


The rising value of the rupee against the dollar is a testament to the success of this campaign, he said adding that the Managing Director International Monetary Fund (IMF) had also appreciated the government’s measures to stop smuggling and illegal transaction of foreign currency.


The prime minister said the smuggling of petroleum products also continued to cause serious damage to the country’s economy.


Likewise, he said steps were being taken across the country to prevent power theft.


He said Pakistan had billions of dollars of trade potential with Central Asian states. “I am trying my best to take such measures during the short period by which we can use out trade’s capacity.”


Speaking about his upcoming visit to China, PM Kakar informed that Pakistan-China strategic relations, bilateral trade, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and tourism promotion would be discussed during the visit.


Similarly, he said plans to take full advantage of the potential of tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan would also be part of the discussions.


He said the government was making the process of privatization of loss-making state-owned enterprises (SOEs) fast and transparent as privatization of loss-making public institutions would reduce the loss to the country’s exchequer.


With the involvement of the private sector, the prime minister said positive business competition would increase and the best facilities would be available to the public.


With respect to the Afghan refugees’ issue, he said “Afghans are our brothers, and no one is sending back legally residing Afghan refugees”. However he made it clear that the illegal aliens were being deported and strict action would be taken against them after October 31.


On Israel’s recent aggression in Palestine, he said it was a war between oppressor Israel and oppressed Palestinians.


“Pakistan stands side by side with the oppressed Palestinians until they achieve their right to self-determination and an independent Palestinian state,” he added.


Editors of national and regional newspapers from across the country participated in the meeting.


Secretary Information, Principal Information Officer and relevant senior officials also attended the meeting.


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