Poland Embassy hosts “Polish Water Technologies” event

ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (Alliance News): The Embassy of Republic of Poland on Thursday hosted an event entitled “Polish Water Technologies” on the sidelines of Pak Water and Energy Expo.

The event has gathered a large number of participants including representatives of the Polish companies as well as well-known Pakistani experts with excellent backgrounds in water environment and management said a news release issued by the embassy.



In his opening remarks, Polish Ambassador Maciej Pisarski gave a brief overview of the participating companies operating in Poland.

He elaborated on persistent water issues mainly including flooding, polluted water and related aspects.

He emphasized how Polish firms can bring their innovative ideas into the Pakistani water infrastructure and mechanisms.

The Polish companies including Symbiona,Pietrucha,Meliorex and Nanoseen actively participated and shared their ideas with respect to the Pakistani water conditions and its future impact on the Pakistani environment.


Speakers included Water and Climate Governance Specialist Dr Fazilda Nabeel,Dr Azeem Ali Shah of International Water Management Institute and Syed Zahid Aziz,CEO of AAB-E-PAK Authority shared their bright insight with regard to the water conditions in the country.


They also shared their ideas on how the Polish technologies can be applicable and prove to be revolutionary in the Pakistani water industry.


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